Code Dump: and

Used to randomly select from several wallpapers and apply a specific conky theme to it.

#!/bin/sh TOTAL=$(ls /home/michael/.conky/ | grep png | wc -l) if [ "x$1" != "x" ] then if [ $1 -gt -1 ] && [ $1 -lt $(ls /home/michael/.conky/| grep png | wc -l) ] then
Code Dump:
while [ true ] do vlc --extraintf=http:logger --fullscreen --http-host= --http-port=8080 --verbose=2 #--http-album-art done  
Rsyslog - Log only to first match.

Giving the tilde (~) as an action causes that message to be discarded. There’s also the ampersand syntax – if a line starts with & it is considered an additional action for the previous line’s selector. So something like this:

mail.* /var/log/mail.log
& ~

kern.* /var/log/kern.

An open letter to (bad) recruiters

FYI – If you are a recruiter, and you are here, odds are you are doing your homework. Good for you! This probably won’t apply to you. However, if you’ve ever employed any of these tactics, perhaps you should, you know, stop.

To: 55 names all in the TO

Saved you some time:

Merrett Frey
Ser Tytos Frey
Ser Garse Goodbrook
Petyr Frey
Lysa Arryn
Eon Hunter
Tywin Lannister
Watt of Long Lake
The Tickler
Harma Dogshead
Oberyn Martell
Ser Aladale Wynch
Ser Endrew Tarth
Red Alyn of the Rosewood
Mag the Mighty
Donal Noye
Vargo Hoat
Ser Dontos Hollard

On creating memorable passwords

XKCD: Random, easy to remember, terrible idea

The above XKCD Comic describes a common problem: choosing a secure online password. There have been numerous methods of password selection given to users over the years. None of them are perfect, most are good, but some are less good. Below, I’ve outlined some major problems with passwords and

Cave Men and Ice Powers: Danielle Johnson

On 2012/01/23,

I’d say it probably depends on the climate, couldn’t they just put whatever they’d want to freeze outside their cave? If the cavemen were in a generally warmer area I’d say they wouldn’t have any ice powers, unless their cave was

Cave Men and Ice Powers: Ryan Q North

On 2012/01/24,

You’re not going to like my answer, but I think the answer is YES, in that we all have similar powers, simply by existing on a planet where things get cold sometimes. Put something in the Arctic and it will freeze and get generally colder.

Cave Men and Ice Powers: Zach Weinersmith

On 2012/01/23:

Yes. They can shoot lightning bolts of ice from their eyes.

Zach Weinersmith

Cave Men and Ice Powers: Michio Kaku

On 2007/08/25:

No one has the power to make things colder, except by mechanical means. We use
expanding gases (e.g. in the pipes of a refrigerator or air conditioner) to cool down our food and our homes. But you cannot cool down a room without such a